Iontas Partners with Award Winning Predictive Dialer Company

18.07.2008 - 14:08

A leading, award winning company supplying predictive dialers to contact centers is partnering with Iontas to offer workforce optimization tools.

(openPR) - Austin, Texas and Letterkenny, Ireland – July 17, 2008 - A leading, award winning company supplying predictive dialers to contact centers is partnering with Iontas to offer something its competitors don’t: workforce optimization tools.

The company currently offers automated solutions for inbound and outbound calls, campaign processing and real time control. The integration of Iontas software means the company’s clients will not only have access to superb dialing tools, they will gain visible insight into the how agents use technology to do their jobs.

“In just a few minutes, managers can appreciate this incredibly unique technology that can have such a powerful impact on managing the business”, claims VP of Sales Doug Reid. “Iontas is delighted to add this predictive dialing company to its portfolio of partners”.

The partnership with Iontas will likely give the predictive dialing company a strong competitive advantage due to the strong need for workforce optimization in contact centers, say representatives from the company.

Iontas’s Focus suite includes three independent modules, Activity Focus, Event Focus, and Process Focus. Focus produces full time-and-motion studies for every office worker throughout the day. This capability enables managers and employees to work more closely together to constantly improve the business processes that ultimately affect the effectiveness of the center’s operations.


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About Iontas

Founded in 2000, Iontas creates software that captures information about how workers use software applications to do their jobs.

Installed on over 500,000 PCs worldwide, Iontas’s Focus suite enables contact centers, back offices, and enterprises to see precisely how employees are using all their IT resources over time. With facts in hand, managers can make informed decisions about how to improve their company’s business processes and software tools.


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